Harrington Health Clinic

The Power of Partnerships


Pictured (left to right): Kay Toran, Kelly Fox, and Emily Harrington

Guided by shared values of service, compassion, and dignity, the University of Portland School of Nursing and Blanchet House have partnered with Emily Harrington to establish the Harrington Health Clinic (HHC). The clinic is nurse-led and provides primary care, health and wellness, palliative care and telemedicine services to the Blanchet House guests and homeless in our community. Additionally, the clinic facilitates a direct, streamline referral process with local community providers to increase access to mental and behavioral health care. The clinic was built by three UP alums: Emily Harrington, Kay Toran, and Kelly Fox.  

The Harrington Health Clinic is the first nurse-led primary care clinic founded with an academic partner in the state of Oregon.



Guided by our core values of compassion and dignity, the Harrington Health Clinic provides high quality care of the body, mind, and spirit for each guest we serve. Our goal is to transform the health and well-being of each guest through a dedicated relationship between guest, provider, and student, while simultaneously creating an innovative teaching-learning environment that educates the student and serves a population.


  • Provide accessible, approachable, high quality, reliable care to one of the most vulnerable populations.
  • Create an innovative teaching and learning environment that enhances undergraduate and graduate students' understanding and proficiency of person-centered, trauma-informed, culturally sensitive care.
  • Promote the nursing profession through the use of disruptive innovation to advance equitable, safe, and reliable care for vulnerable populations.


  • Harrington Health Clinic was founded by Emily Harrington, a double UP alumna
  • Clinic is scheduled and facilitated by UP faculty - Dr. Kelly Fox and Dr. September Nelson
  • The model was designed by Dr. Kelly Fox, a UP alumna and faculty member
  • Implemented a Nurse Practitioner (NP) role to provide primary care services
  • Established referral system with Veterans of America (VOA) to provide behavioral and mental health services
  • Undergraduate nursing students on-site once per week to complete clinical hours