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Center for Clinical Excellence


Pictured: Erica Bailey, Clinical Relations Specialist, Larizza Limjuco Woodruff, Center for Clinical Excellence Director, and Alicia Printemps-Herget, Clinical Liaison.

The Center for Clinical Excellence maintains and elevates the quality of clinical teaching and learning within the University of Portland School of Nursing & Health Innovations. By creating new clinical relationships as well as nurturing existing clinical relationships, the Center for Clinical Excellence supports all off-campus clinical learning activities. The Dedicated Education Unit (DEU) clinical teaching model is an integral component of the Center for Clinical Excellence, where we maintain 11 DEU partnerships with highly respected local clinical partners. We strive to integrate the DEU philosophy and best practices even into non-DEU clinical settings, as we recognize this as a best practice model for bridging the academic-practice gap. The Center for Clinical Excellence provides support to the clinical nurses and health care team members who help teach our students, as well as providing support to the students themselves to meet not only the program outcomes and objectives, but to meet the evolving health care needs of our communities. 

Our work includes:

  • Clinical partnership establishment, development & support across curriculum
  • DEU consultation and development
  • Placement and management of student's off-campus clinical experiences
  • Clinical faculty recruitment and training across curriculum
  • Clinical faculty and clinical site evaluations across curriculum

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Nursing student with child at Albina Head Start

Clinical Partner Highlight - Albina Head Start Partnership

Albina Head Start (AHS) and the University of Portland School of Nursing & Health Innovations partnership began in 2007. Nursing students in their population health course work with Albina Head Start/Albina Early Head Start nurse and clinical faculty, Mollie Swift. The students conduct annual health screenings for AHS students from birth to age 5, including hearing, height and weight. Health screenings are an essential part of children’s overall healthcare, and health promotion in general. Screenings are key to identifying and addressing concerns early and can help identify if further examinations or evaluations are needed.