School of Nursing Dedicated Education Units

The Dedicated Education Unit (DEU) is a clinical setting that is developed into an optimal teaching/learning environment through the collaborative efforts of nurses, healthcare team members, management, and faculty. It is designed to provide students with a positive clinical learning environment that maximizes the achievement of student learning outcomes by using proven teaching/learning strategies and by capitalizing on the expertise of both clinicians and faculty. Students are integrated into the workplace in a way that allows them to be an integral part of the workflow and culture, so they experience a realistic picture of nursing practice. At the same time, the DEU provides an opportunity for clinicians to stay fresh and motivated in their roles as mentors and role models and a way for faculty to remain grounded in current clinical reality.

  • 1 Student, faculty, patient with hand wound
  • 2 Students and faculty-arm wound instruction
  • 2 students - mannequin in bed

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4 students and mannequin in bed

DEU Overview and History

The Dedicated Education Unit model has a long history of demonstrated success of improving clinical education and academic-practice partner relationships.

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mother, daughter, faculty insulin instruction

DEUs in the Changing Healthcare World

DEUs are a proven solution for meeting the demand to practice at the top of licensure in the changing healthcare system.

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4 students and faculty IV mannequin

What Can DEUs Do For You?

DEUs enable schools of nursing to improve clinical education and expand enrollment, while nurses in the healthcare agencies advance their practice.

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DEU Symposium 2018

DEU Symposium 2018

The University of Portland School of Nursing will be hosting a DEU Symposium, "DEU Innovations: Learning Today for Tomorrow's DEU."

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