Mission | University of Portland


The School of Nursing & Health Innovations is a community that transforms the education of health professionals, empowering students to cultivate an equitable, inclusive, sustainable, and just health care system.


As a Community, the School of Nursing & Health Innovations will actively engage in creating a future where:
  • Today’s students are prepared to solve tomorrow’s problems
  • Community members overcome adversity through adaptability and endurance
  • Students are empowered to develop and nurture relationships based on mutual respect that honors differences
  • Community members advocate for and model wellness and vitality
  • Innovative health care education programs are informed by the diverse populations we serve
  • Community members cultivate an environment full of hope, vibrant joy, and beauty
  • Community members foster imagination, curiosity, and innovation


As a Community, the School of Nursing & Health Innovations values:
  • Academic Excellence & Integrity
  • Empathy & Compassion
  • Innovative Transformation
  • Holistic Wellness & Vitality
  • Professional Advocacy & Social Responsibility
  • Human Differences & Diversity