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Message from the Dean

Dean Joane Moceri

Welcome to the University of Portland School of Nursing! We are a vision-led, mission-driven, student-centered leader in nursing education. We inspire nurse leaders of the future.

If you are interested in being part of one of our challenging programs that uphold excellence, led by faculty who provide strong support for student achievement, then consider our BSN, MS, or DNP-FNP programs. Each of these programs is infused with innovation, creativity, and rigor, with a commitment to develop the minds, the hearts, and the hands of our students into effective leaders who can meet nursing’s challenge to lead in health care transformation.

Our graduates are equipped with a holistic view of health and healing, using evidence and theory to guide care and clinical reasoning. As strong interprofessional communicators, they are prepared to be effective leaders and advocates who place high value on providing both spiritual and culturally competent care to diverse populations. They understand the imperative of social justice and are ready for the challenging and rewarding career that is nursing.

I believe nursing is a career with endless opportunities. The nursing programs at the University of Portland School of Nursing will prepare you to stand with those who are suffering or participate in healing, no matter what specialty you choose. Nursing is knowledge work, it is caring for the vulnerable, and it is leadership work. If you wish to grow as a person as well as a nurse, consider us!


Joane T. Moceri, PhD, RN

Dean Moceri's Biography

Dr. Joane T. Moceri’s passion for nursing education, social justice, and health care innovation are clearly reflected in her career as a nurse educator and administrator. The foundations of her scholarship in strategies to increase and retain under-represented populations in nursing to improve patient outcomes echoes throughout the new programs and initiatives she’s launched since she became dean of the University of Portland School of Nursing. Dr. Moceri’s dedication to excellence in the nursing profession and to the tenets of a Holy Cross education are the mainstay to her focus on supports for increasing diversity and inclusivity, building leadership capacity for students, faculty and staff, and creating a space for innovation in the development of new programs and curricula. Her leadership has supported faculty, students, and clinical practice partners in collaboratively developing a mentoring program for freshmen, new curricula for the BSN and DNP programs, creating two new state-of-the-art master’s programs, and establishing new clinical partnerships to support our ever-growing school of nursing. She inspires all in the values of a cohesive team of faculty and staff, remaining steadfastly focused on the holistic education of Pilot nurses.

Dr. Moceri received three degrees from the University of Washington; a BSN, a master’s in nursing with a focus on communities and populations, and a PhD in nursing science. She joined the University of Portland in 2012, serving as associate professor, then associate dean until her appointment as dean of the School in July 2015. Dr. Moceri is an evaluator for the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, and is a member of the Western Institute for Nursing. Prior to coming to UP, Joane taught at the University of Washington Tacoma and was the founding director of the Pierce College nursing program.