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Study Abroad Opportunities

There are a number of study abroad opportunities for nursing students. Our studying abroad programs allow students to gain cultural understandings and fresh perspectives and we encourage all students to look into the opportunities we offer. This is an overview of the programs offered for nursing students. Visit the study abroad homepage for more information and details about the application process.

Where will you go?

girl in Sydney

Fremantle, Australia

The program in Fremantle, Australia has become one of the most popular programs for nurses offered by UP. Students enroll directly at the University of Notre Dame Australia. Nursing students can apply for either the fall or spring semester. Nursing students take core requirement courses and a nursing course. This program gives students the opportunity to learn about the difference in health care systems between the United States and Australia.

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Salzburg, Austria (Fall)

Explore the rich culture of Salzburg while learning to speak German and taking classes that fulfill the University of Portland's course requirements. Students can satisfy course requirements in fine arts, history, theology, philosophy, literature, or political science. A limited number of semester slots are open, with preference given to nursing students for the fall.

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Granada, Spain

Spain is designed to give students the full impact of Spanish culture. By living with host families and taking classes exclusively in Spanish, students get to practice their language skills to their fullest potential. If you are interested in a Spanish minor or double major, this program will fulfill nursing and Spanish requirements. 

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Rome bridge

Rome, Italy

Explore classes in English at John Cabot University, an American university located in the heart of Rome. Although students are strongly encouraged to take an Italian language class while in this program, there is no language requirement. This program offers coursework in different areas that could count towards degree requirements if approved by the program counselor. Nursing students may participate in this program in the fall.

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Karonga, Malawi

The Malawi program is occurs in the summer and is faculty-led. The elective course is designed to prepare UP students for ethical global health and work in low-income, low-resource areas. Interdisciplinary UP students from nursing and engineering experience facilitators and barriers to education for girls in Northern Malawi, reflect on their own privilege, and assess ways to use that privilege in service to others.

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