UP Student Nurses Association (UPSNA)

As a chapter of the Oregon Student Nurses Association, UPSNA is a pre-professional organization comprised of future nurse professionals committed to furthering the nursing profession. Members of UPSNA enjoy the benefits of enriching the University of Portland learning community through professional development, social advocacy, and community service. While UPSNA is a nursing student organization, its greater goal is to promote health and wellness to the whole student body and the greater community. 

UPSNA Mission Statement

The University of Portland Student Nurses Association is an assembly of future nurse leaders dedicated to the promotion of pre-professional development and discovery through the creation of a supportive community within the School of Nursing, holistic health and wellness promotion, and engagement in the greater UP community.


Allison Polonsky – President

Brooke Lovell – Vice President

Alessandra Coro – Vice President

Samantha Dela Cruz – Secretary

Kaitlyn Haudbine – Treasurer

Sej Flores – Publicity Director

Sarah Obujen - Activities Director

Nhatalya Pagtakhan – Activities Coordinator

Nate Rieman – Activities Coordinator

Eileen Ryan – Activities Coordinator

Amanda Hamakami – Activities Coordinator

Rachel Ramos - Activities Coordinator

Rebekah McClain – Curriculum Committee Representative

Jillian Maher - Curriculum Committee Representative

Joyce Kim – Membership Liaison

Allyson Wong – Senior Student Liaison

Brendan Buchholz – Junior Student Liaison

Megan Leung - Junior Student Liaison

Logan Fox – Sophomore Student Liaison

Leslie Tjia - Sophomore Student Liaison

Emma Hamilton - First- Year Liaison

Lexa Wendle - First-Year Liaison

Alicia Printemps-Herget – Faculty Advisor

Beth Baynes - Co-Advisory

Who can join UPSNA?

Membership is open to any UP nursing student (undergraduate or graduate) interested in connecting with fellow nursing students and making a difference in our community. 

What is the time commitment?

Once a member of UPSNA, you determine your level of involvement and participation. Each year, UPSNA plans many social, academic, and volunteer activities. Although attendance at events is not required for general association members, we encourage you to become involved and experience the most out of your nursing school career!

General association meetings are held once a month and provide all members an opportunity to stay informed on current events within UPSNA and the School of Nursing. Information regarding the date, time and location of meetings can be found on the UPSNA bulletin board on the 3rd floor of Buckley Center and on the UPSNA schedule.

How do I join UPSNA?

All nursing students are already members of UPSNA. It is FREE to join and come to events and meetings.

UPSNA Grants

UPSNA offers grants of $50-200 to fund student-initiated projects that seek to further the mission of UPSNA. Grants may be used to subsidize philanthropic/advocacy work or professional development endeavors. 

Contact Information

Have questions?

Email us: upsna@up.edu

Featured UPSNA Events from Past Years