Omicron Upsilon Member Benefits | University of Portland

Omicron Upsilon Member Benefits

Our members are an accomplished and varied group. We strive always for excellence and understanding, and it is our members that lead the way. So why join? There are many reasons to join and a variety of member benefits such as:
  • Continuing education - Chapters can offer programs that may include CEU's on a variety of topics to fit you're clinical and leadership development needs. Online CEU's - 1-2 credit case studies at $15 per course.
  • Networking locally - Interact locally with nurse mentors you learn from, peers to support you, and new nurses you can guide.
  • Networking nationally/internationally - Interact with nurse leaders from around the world at society meetings and research congresses.
  • Research grants (local & national) - Participate in identification and funding of research through service on committees or initiate the studies yourself and apply.
  • Publications - Chapter publications provide a forum for information and commentary that may be applied immediately.
  • Journal of Nursing Scholarship (with annual membership) - Foremost peer-reviewed nursing research journal with clinical applications (quarterly: $39 value).
  • Reflections on Nursing Leadership (with annual membership) - Award winning news magazine featuring inspiring stories on nurses at the forefront of change (quarterly: $23 value).
  • Excellence Newsletter - Trends and issues pertinent to your individual needs. Choose administration, education & research, or clinical practice (quarterly: $15 value).
  • Discounts on other publications, printed and on line.
  • Online Tools - A myriad of online tools to aid in finding research articles, speakers, research opportunities, volunteer opportunities, and much more.
  • It looks GOOD on your resume