Piloting the Future of Health Care Podcast

The University of Portland School of Nursing started this podcast to share stories of people at different points along their journey in the health care field. This includes talking with students, our alumni, faculty, and experts in the field. We wanted to connect with individuals who are dedicating their lives to promoting and protecting the health of people and the communities they live in. And along the way, we will talk about social justice, equity, inclusion, self-care and the importance of being a lifelong learner. We are so excited to have you on this journey with us!

Episode 10:

New year, new episode of Piloting the Future of Health Care! Our host, Erica Bailey, is back and talking with senior nursing students, Sierra Foster and Grace Mariano, and Director of Graduate Education, Dr. Kelly Fox. They discuss the work they have done thanks to a grant the School of Nursing received from the Rita & Alex Hillman Foundation. Their project, “Nurses Leading Change in Palliative Care for the Houseless with Serious Mental Illness,” aims to embed a palliative care model into an existing nurse-managed primary care clinic to more effectively address the needs of the seriously mentally ill houseless population.

Episode 9:

On this very special episode of Piloting the Future of Health Care, podcast host Erica Bailey talks to two of her colleagues from the newly founded Alliance of Black Nurses Association of Oregon, Travis Nelson & Deborah Riddick. Travis is currently serving as Vice President of the Oregon Nurses Association and Deborah Riddick is the ONA Director of Government Relations. These nurse leaders discuss the role nurses play in health policy as well as the work towards declaring racism as a public health crisis.

Episode 8:

On this episode our host Erica Bailey talks to Dr. Toyin Olukoton (Assistant Professor at UP), Kristen Beiers-Jones (Assistant Professor Clinical Instructor at OHSU), and Anayeli Franco (Clinical Educator at Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center and UP alumni, Class of 2012) on access to care for immigrants and refugees. They discuss innovative ways to provide care for their patients when faced with the different barriers that arise within the current systems in healthcare.

Episode 7:

Current UPSON students Asia Gates ’21, Payton Stang ’21, and Jaclyn Wataoka ’22, join host Erica Bailey to share their experiences in the Integrative Health and Wellness (IHW) program. The SON’s IHW program prepares students to enhance the health, wellness and well-being among individuals, families, populations and communities.

Episode 6:

UPSON alumni Lt. Erin Adelmann '18, Lt. Chad Lee '19, and Lt. Maggie Pieplow '17 share their perspectives on leadership, readiness, professionalism, and resilience from their experiences in the ROTC program and COVID-19 deployments with the army and air force.

Episode 5:

Erica Bailey is joined by DNP Director and Assistant Professor, Kelly Fox, to discuss authentic leadership and disruptive innovation and how nurses can use these techniques in their everyday practice.  

Episode 4:

In the second part of this two-part podcast, Adeline Paguirigan ’22 and Patricia Mondale ’23 talk about what inspires them as nursing students and how they will bring inclusivity with them after college.

Episode 3:

In the first of this two-part podcast, Erica Bailey is joined by Adeline Paguirigan ’22 and Patricia Mondale ’23 to talk about the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion student subcommittee, a new on-campus organization creating brave spaces and teaching the UP community how to be inclusive.

Episode 2:

Host Erica Bailey is joined by two nursing professors: Dr. Kristine Harrington and Instructor Holly Simpson to reflect on their anti-racism journey. They share their own personal story, discuss the @Blackatuniversityportland Instagram account,  and share recommendations on how to move forward, both in your personal and professional life, with a social justice lens. 

Episode 1:

Our lovely host Erica Bailey is joined by three registered nurses: Alyssa Soete '18, Tracy Olsen '18, and K.T. Kusmaul to share their experiences in the workplace and its impact on their personal lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.