Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The faculty and staff of the School of Nursing & Health Innovations acknowledge the pain, frustration, anger, and grief the BIPOC community has experienced and is still experiencing today at the University of Portland.  We commit to upholding antiracist policies, correcting any inequitable application of policies, continuing to provide trainings to advance equity, and engaging in radical listening within our School. We acknowledge that we have much work to do to dismantle racism and ignorance within our community and remain fully committed to this work. 

In June 2020, in alignment with the messages issued by University of Portland leadership, the School of Nursing & Health Innovations committed to the following:

  • Improve the recruitment, retention and support of BIPOC students. This will involve reviewing the current policies within our School and amplifying those voices who are or feel silenced and unheard.
  • Remain fully committed to meeting our School’s diversity, equity, and inclusion goals with shared accountability to the University.
  • Continue providing learning opportunities for the faculty and staff of the School of Nursing & Health Innovations grounded in racial and social justice that will create a culture of equity and inclusivity. 

In 2020-21, the School of Nursing & Health Innovations created a DEI Action Plan for Change. The DEI Action Plan for Change was developed through a process in which everyone felt affirmed, validated and safe within our School, and we recognize this is only the first step toward actions for change. We are committed to fully implementing the Plan and sharing updates on our progress.

Please continue to share your stories. We have created a new email address EquityInNursing@up.edu and invite you to send your thoughts, recommendations, and experiences. The email will be monitored only by a limited number of BIPOC staff of the School of Nursing & Health Innovations who will bring your thoughts forward to leadership. We want to amplify your voices because they will be listened to and have power at UP. We will work even harder to advocate for our students; to ensure that they are heard and represented on our campus and to ensure the School of Nursing & Health Innovations is a safe and welcoming place for every student.