Diversity, Education, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee

The DEI Committee addresses and supports diversity, equity, and inclusion within the School of Nursing.

Mission Statement

The DEI Committee is committed to igniting transformation of individuals, the community, and systems through local and global teaching and research, evaluation and implementation of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiative throughout the curriculum, and preparation of faculty, staff, and students to create and sustain a culture of equity and inclusivity.

  • Address and support international initiatives, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Explore, review, and propose international immersion programs for teaching and research both locally and globally.
  • Evaluate and implement diversity initiatives throughout the curriculum.
  • Preparation of faculty, staff and students to create and sustain a culture of inclusion.


  • International Opportunities
    • For teaching and research, both locally and internationally. Currently developing an interdisciplinary faculty-led study abroad in Rwanda, East Africa, in collaboration with Anne Santiago, PhD, UP African Studies. Exploring international opportunities in countries such as Cambodia, Guatemala, and Ecuador. Collaborative online international learning opportunities such as with universities in Japan and Mongolia.
  • Curriculum 
    • Evaluation and implementation of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives throughout the curriculum. The subcommittee started the year by performing a literature search focusing on how diversity and inclusion are actualized within nursing curricula. Currently in the process of conducting a review of SON courses using a tool “Culturally Responsive Curriculum Scorecard” for best practices in diversity and inclusion.
  • Educational Programs
    • Preparation of faculty, staff and students to create and sustain a culture of equity and inclusion. To build the members’ own foundation of knowledge, EP-IEDI facilitated and participated in their inaugural cohort of the Social Justice Study Group created by Dr. Ruha Benjamin. As a group of 9, they spent 14 weeks exploring the nature and extent of racism in various domains of life—education, housing, employment, healthcare, policing, social media, and intimate life. Through weekly meetings, they were able to connect current events to historical processes and individual experiences to institutional policies, exercising a sociological imagination to not only analyze but transform ourselves and the world around them.

2019 - 2020 Event Highlights

  • Trans Dudes with Lady Cancer film and discussion panel
  • Cultural Humility with Dr. Jann Murray-Garcia 
    • Workshop with faculty, staff and students
  • Trauma Informed Care with Dr. Mandy Davis
  • 2020 Diversity Dialogues: Racial Bias in the Healthcare System discussion panel
  • During summer 2020, 22 faculty members in the School of Nursing are participating in an anti-racism course, Hard Conversations, facilitated by Patti Digh and Victor Lee Lewis, who were featured in the documentary film, The Color of Fear.

Goals for the 2020 - 2021 Academic Year:

  • Continue Social Justice Study Group with new faculty/staff cohorts in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021
  • Create a centralized location to share learning opportunities and resources with School of Nursing community
  • Plan and implement programming focused on the impact of structural racism (and other isms) and exploring structural competencies to promote health equity