Transfer Student Prerequisites

For transfer into the nursing program:

  • A minimum of 60 semester credit hours (90 quarter hours) are required. 
  • Transfer courses may be taken at any accredited college or university.
  • Transfer courses must be at 100-level or above and graded C or above. Pass/No Pass is not accepted.
  • The University of Portland reserves the right to determine transfer equivalency. 
  • All university core and major requirements taken at other institutions requires approval by the SON student transitions manager. 
  • Prerequisites must be completed prior to entering the nursing program.

Prerequisite Courses

University Core Requirements

  • Introductory Philosophy* – One course.
  • Social Sciences – Two courses from two different disciplines: anthropology, interpersonal communication and other communication studies courses rooted in a social science perspective, cultural geography, economics, political science, psychology, and/or sociology.
  • Fine Arts – One theory course from one of the following disciplines: architecture, cinema, music, theatre, and/or visual art. Applied/performance/studio courses in art, cinema, dance, music, photography, or theatre will not fulfill the requirement.
  • History – Any US history, global history or western civilization course.
  • Literature – One course in literature in English. One composition course that has a literature component will not fulfill this requirement.
  • Theology* – Two courses - One comparative religions course and one Old and/or New Testament course. Note: Students must complete a minimum of 7 quarter hours or 6 semester hours of Theology credit to fulfill the requirements. Students are required to complete both Theology courses prior to starting the program.
  • Ethics* – One course in general ethics.

*Please email course descriptions to Katie Richardson ( for approval.

School of Nursing Foundation Requirements

  • Foundations of Biology – One or two courses depending on the school. Must include molecular biology, cellular biology, and genetics.
  • Anatomy and Physiology with labs – One school year of coursework.
  • Microbiology with lab – One course.
  • Statistics – One course.
  • Electives (six to eight credits) Courses in writing, speech, science, foreign languages, or the social sciences are recommended as electives. If you have received AP, IB, or CLEP credits, these hours may count toward the total elective hours.

Science courses must have been completed within five years of acceptance into the program (with the exception of chemistry). All transfer students must complete one chemistry course (high school or college level).

Equivalency Guidelines for Local Colleges and Universities and Program Information

Transfer Student BSN Program of Study