BSN Transfer Entry FAQs


How can I apply for admission to the School of Nursing as a Transfer Student?

The application period for transfer student summer 2022 entry is closed. If we are able to open admission for transfer student summer 2023 entry, the application will open September 1. Admission Information will be posted on the School of Nursing and Office of Admissions transfer student webpages in July.


Are there prerequisites for students applying to transfer to the School of Nursing?

Yes. Prerequisite information is available on the SON website. Click on this link for a list of suggested courses from local colleges and universities: BSN Course Equivalency Guide and Program Information


Do I need to have each prerequisite completed in order to apply for admission?

No. You may apply to the SON while you are in the process of taking the prerequisite courses. Please include a plan for completing the prerequisites in your application. All prerequisite courses must be completed prior to starting school at UP. You will be more competitive if you have all/the majority of your science courses completed when you apply.


Do I need to submit transcripts from each college I have attended?

Yes. Please submit official transcripts from each college you have attended. If you are currently taking classes, please continue to submit updated official transcripts to ensure that your applicant file is up to date. 

You can send electronic transcripts to or hard copies of your transcripts to the address below:

University of Portland
Office of Admissions
Attn: Transfer Nursing Program
5000 N Willamette Blvd
Portland, OR 97203


I already have a bachelor’s degree.  Do I need to complete all the prerequisites?

Yes, you are considered a transfer student and will need to complete prerequisites before starting the UP SON program. Determine what completed courses will transfer and what remaining prerequisites need to be taken.  


Is there an age limit on prerequisite courses?

If you are accepted to the SON, Anatomy and Physiology, Foundations of Biology, and Microbiology must have been completed within five years of acceptance into the program. There is not an age limit on the remaining prerequisite courses (non-science courses) with the exception of chemistry, but you are expected to have a solid understanding of statistics, human development, and nutrition. 


Are transcript evaluations available prior to applying for admission?

Yes, transcript evaluations are available upon request. Prospective transfer students are encouraged to contact the Associate Director for Transfer Admissions, Linda Cannard ( to learn more about the application/admission process as well as ask specific transfer questions. You may also contact the School of Nursing with specific questions about your transfer credits and transcript evaluations to Katie Richardson, transfer student program counselor and graduate program coordinator (  


When does the nursing program begin?

The nursing program for transfer students begins in the summer (May).


How long is the BSN program?

The BSN program is 5 semesters in length. Students that become out of progression are readmitted into the program on a space available basis.


Is the BSN program full-time?

Yes. Students in the BSN program are required to follow a set curriculum. Students take at least 12 credits each semester. 


Are BSN transfer applicants eligible for the Providence Scholars Program?

Yes. Students applying to the SON as transfer students are eligible to apply for the Providence Scholars Program. Applications are due by the UP transfer student Office of Admissions application deadline. 


Are other scholarships available for nursing students?

A: Yes. Visit the UP Office of Financial Aid website or contact their office at 503-943-7311, and visit the Financing Your Nursing Studies link on the SON website.