Sample Program of Study for BSN Transfer Students

Below is a sample program of study for transfer students in the BSN program. Course descriptions are available here.

Transfer students may only study abroad in the summer semester between the junior and senior year. Students interested in studying abroad should consult with their academic advisor, their program counselor, and the UP Studies Abroad office to understand the study abroad options and their impact on the BSN program of study. Note: The UP Studies Abroad program recommends a GPA of 3.0 or higher before going abroad but will consider applications from anyone with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above.     

Because nursing is a dynamic field, the nursing curriculum is subject to change at the School of Nursing’s discretion.

Sophomore Summer
NRS 200 Licensure Lab I (1 credit)
NRS 204 Foundations in Health Assessment (3 credits)
NRS 206 Professional Practice: Health Assessment (1 credit, 45 clinical hours)
NRS 207 Clinical Reasoning Seminar: Health Assessment (1 credit)
NRS 208 Transition to Professional Nursing (6 credits)
12 Credit Hours

Junior Fall
NRS 300 Licensure Lab II (1 credit)
NRS 306 Professional Practice: Population Health and Wellness (4 credits, 180 clinical hours)
NRS 307 Clinical Reasoning Seminar: Population Health and Wellness (3 credits)
NRS 316 Population Health and Wellness Across the Lifespan (3 credits)
NRS 325 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology I (3 credits)
Exploration Level University Core Curriculum Course (3 credits)
17 Credit Hours

Junior Spring
NRS 302 Licensure Lab III (1 credit)
NRS 308 Professional Practice: Acute Illness Management (4 credits, 180 clinical hours)
NRS 309 Clinical Reasoning Seminar: Acute Illness Management (3 credits)
NRS 317 Acute Illness Management Across the Lifespan (3 credits)
NRS 326 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology II (3 credits)
THE 348 Theological Dimensions of Suffering and Death (3 credits)
17 Credit Hours 

Junior Summer
Options for study abroad

Senior Fall
NRS 400 Licensure Lab IV (1 credit)
NRS 406 Professional Practice: Chronic Illness Management (4 credits, 180 clinical hours)
NRS 407 Clinical Reasoning Seminar: Chronic Illness Management (3 credits)
NRS 416 Chronic Illness Management Across the Lifespan (3 credits)
NRS 440 Social Justice and Population Health (3 credits)
14 Credit Hours

Senior Spring
NRS 408 Transition to Professional Practice (4 credits, 180 clinical hours)
NRS 409 Clinical Reasoning Seminar: Transition to Professional Practice (3 credits)
NRS 460 Advancing the Culture of Health (3 credits)
NRS 480 Life-Long Learning (3 credits)
13 Credit Hours

Total credit hours required for the BSN degree (including credits accepted in transfer): 122

Total on-campus and off-campus clinical hours: 765

The University of Portland’s BSN program meets the state educational requirements for Registered Nurse (RN) licensure in Oregon, California, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, and Hawaii. The University of Portland has not determined whether the program meets the RN licensure requirements for other states, but can do so on a case by case basis. Please contact Stacey Boatright at if you have questions about a state not listed above.