Guidelines for Education & Practice Scholarship Grants | University of Portland

Guidelines for Education & Practice Scholarship Grants

1. Purpose of the Fund 

The purpose of the fund is to encourage research, service, quality improvement (QI) projects, and endeavors that promote nursing practice by members of the Omicron Upsilon Chapter.  Sigma’s research priorities are as follows: promotion of healthy communities through health promotion, disease prevention and recognition of social economic and political determinants; implementation of evidence-based practice; targeting the needs of vulnerable populations such as the chronically ill and poor; and capacity development for research by nurses.

2. Fund Sources

  1. General chapter funds as approved in the budget
  2. Unused monies from previous grant recipients
  3. Results of fundraising activities

3. Processing the Funds

A. The Executive Committee

  1. Recommends funds in budget from the general fund, designated research education and practice grants.
  2. The budget is approved and administered by the chapter Executive Committee.
  3. Grant recipients provide receipts to the Treasurer. The Treasurer forwards checks from the grant fund to the grant recipients.

  4. Approves the Grants Award Program and the criteria submitted by the Grant Committee (Grant Committee).

  5. Endorses the recommendations of grant recipients made by the Grant Committee.
  6. May allocate additional grant award funds on the basis of availability

B. The Grant Committee

  1. Develops criteria for the grant proposal.
  2. Reviews the proposals.
  3. Recommends the awards of grants and allocation of funds according to the policies of the chapter as they correspond to the bylaws of Sigma.
  4. Monitors fund usage by grant recipients.
  5. Secures reports of research or outcomes applications of QI and service project findings for public distribution. 
  6. Maintains a five-year record of all recipients of monetary grants or awards. Information on recipients should include member(s) name and address, amount of award, abstract of project, and final project report.

4. Criteria for Awarding Grants

A. Applicant Qualifications

  1. Member of Omicron Upsilon Chapter
  2. Hold a baccalaureate or higher degree in nursing or enrolled nursing student with nursing faculty supervision who is a member of Omicron Upsilon.

B. Competitive Basis for Fund Allocation

  1. Quality of written proposal
  2. Contribution of the scholarship proposed to nursing science, nursing practice, and/or nursing education and has a public benefit.

5. Grant Allocation 

The maximum amount to be awarded each applicant is $1,500.00. The amount of a grant will be determined by the Grant Committee based on the quality of the proposal, the budget request, and the available monies in the chapter Practice Scholarship Grant fund.

6. Publicity by Omicron Upsilon Chapter

  1. The criteria for awarding grants and selection process are publicized widely.
  2. Grant recipients are publicized.
  3. Abstracts may be reported in chapter newsletters.
  4. Completion of the Practice Scholarship Grants are announced in chapter newsletters.

7. Grant Application Deadlines

Grants are awarded once a year. A Call for Applications will be announced a minimum of 60 days before the application due date.  Grant recipients will be announced at the annual research meeting.