Expectations of Clinical Preceptors

Clinical preceptors will be preferably master's prepared practicing nurse practitioners in a variety of settings who are willing to be on site and available to the learner.

Preceptor Responsibilities:

  1. Complete the Clinical Affiliation Agreement. Students cannot provide client care in the facility until the Clinical Affiliation Agreement is signed by the University of Portland and the preceptor/institution.
  2. Provide the School of Nursing with a current Curriculum Vitae (resume) to the Graduate Program Coordinator.
  3. Be on site, and available to students during the agreed upon times.
  4. Discuss with the student his/her individual objectives and methods for meeting them in your particular setting.
  5. Be familiar with the information provided regarding the AACN Doctoral Essentials and program outcomes and encourage the student to seek new clinical learning opportunities as the session progresses.
  6. Inform the faculty member of any student concerns regarding student performance in the clinical site. The sooner feedback is provided during a student's experience, the more likely the concern can be addressed with a positive outcome. Preceptor feedback is necessary to the success of our program. 
  7. Provide feedback on clinical performance to the student throughout the clinical experience and complete the appropriate evaluation tools at the conclusion of the clinical experience. 

The role of the School of Nursing faculty and of the preceptors is to serve as facilitators of learning. To develop competence as a Family Nurse Practitioner, all students require some degree of assistance from the preceptor. The degree of assistance required should decrease over time as the degree of independence increases. At no time should a student be expected to perform without assistance from the preceptor, which includes the preceptor examining the patient. To facilitate the evaluation of students, a tool has been developed which addresses their performance in the areas of professional standards and procedures, quality of performance and assistance required related to the goals for the particular clinical experience. All clinical practicums are graded. The information you, as a preceptor, provide to faculty will be used to help determine the student's clinical grade.