Clinical Site and Preceptor Selection

Family Nurse Practitioner students will have assistance from the University of Portland in setting up clinical practice sites. The following guidelines will be considered:

  1. Appropriate clinical sites will provide opportunity for learners to meet course outcomes.
  2. The clinical setting must provide appropriate space and facilities for students to utilize during clinical times scheduled.
  3. Clinical sites will utilize problem oriented records.
  4. Clinical practice sites will be more conducive to learning if the client volume is moderate. Therefore, high-volume practices (>20 pts./day) may not be appropriate.
  5. Generalized clinical practices are preferred. Those learners who wish more specialized clinical settings may have to arrange for additional precepted time to meet all course objectives. 
  6. All clinical sites will be arranged with the School of Nursing and coordinated by designated faculty. Specific requests by the student will be considered according to the above criteria and the following:
    1. Preceptors will be chosen based on experience level and special skills with a focus on the appropriate types of clients for each course. Preceptor will have a minimum of 2 years experience as a Nurse Practitioner.
    2. The nurse practitioner on site must be a critical part of the health care team at that site.
    3. The organizational politics must be conducive to student learning.
  7. Preceptors are used from all areas of practice as the students have clinical courses focusing on adult health, mental health, gender health, pediatrics and family care. The following health care professionals can precept our students:
    • ARNP
    • MD
    • DO
    • PA
    • CNM
  8. Clinical placements can take place in a variety of settings:
    • Hospitals
    • Private practice
    • Community clinics
    • Non-profit clinics
    • School-based clinics