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BSN Program - Freshman Entry Information

Freshman Entry Admission Requirements and Curriculum

Admissions Requirements

Freshman applicants must meet the general entrance requirements of the University as stated in the Office of Admissions section of the University Bulletin and on the Office of Admissions website. The Office of Admissions will begin accepting applications September 1, 2019. The priority deadline for freshman applications for the 2020-2021 academic year is November 15, 2019.

Please noteStudents are admitted into the University of Portland nursing program as freshman. When students apply to the University of Portland, students must indicate nursing as the intended major on the application. Non-nursing majors who wish to transfer into the nursing program must complete the external application process. Note that the application process for internal transfers is very competitive. University of Portland non-nursing majors are considered along with external transfer applicants, and there is no guarantee of acceptance into the transfer cohort.

  • All entering nursing freshmen must complete a high school or college level chemistry course prior to enrolling in BIO 205.
  • All entering first-year nursing majors with a redesigned SAT reading score of less than 29 or an ACT English score of less than 22 will be enrolled in ENG 107 College Writing.

Progression into the SON upper division major is based on the following criteria:

  1. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above by end of sophomore year.
  2. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above in the required sciences that are taken at the University of Portland by end of sophomore year. Any 4-year student wishing to transfer a science class from another institution first needs the permission of the associate dean for baccalaureate education and must earn a grade of B or better in that course. Grades of C- or lower in any required science course or pass/no pass are not allowed.
  3. A grade of C or better in NRS 101, NRS 202 and NRS 203.
  4. Completion of all prerequisite coursework. Students may only repeat one lower division course one time, and only if they receive a C- or lower in the course, per University of Portland academic regulations.
  5. Students may only repeat one upper division science course one time, and only if they receive a grade of C- or lower, per University of Portland academic regulations or with permission of the associate dean for baccalaureate education.
  6. Satisfactory completion of all clinical entry requirements, including required drug screen and immunizations.

See University academic regulations in the University Bulletin.

Additional Progression Information

Admitted freshmen students who have transfer credits will be considered for early placement into upper division nursing courses at the discretion of the School of Nursing. Student conduct issues will be taken into account for progression into upper division. Students who have been suspended from the University risk dismissal from the School of Nursing.

The School of Nursing supports the University's non-discrimination statement.


Students complete the University core requirements and lower division major requirements in the Freshman and Sophomore years. The sequence varies and depends on availability. Students must meet the progression requirements listed above to begin taking their junior and senior courses.