What Can DEUs Do For You?

Evaluation results indicate that the benefits of the DEU model go beyond increasing teaching capacity. Administrators, faculty, and clinical partners—even those who work in the traditional model—believe that the DEU produces stronger, more confident nurses.

DEU consultation services are available. We host onsite visits or telephone/video conferences, which include DEU materials, visit preparation, site and lab coordination, expert consulting, and connection with multiple sites and stakeholders at one time.

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About DEUs
Action Benefit to Clinical Partner Benefit to Academic Partner
Nurses at facility become clinical instructors
  • Clinical instructors know expectation/level of students
  • Increased professionalism of nurses
  • “Positive turnover”
  • Scholarly presentations
  • Consistent clinical instructors amongst students
  • Faculty and staff have trust and mutual respect for one another’s knowledge and skills
  • DEU advocate and unit leadership
  • Adjunct faculty appointments
Impact of students on unit
  • Patient satisfaction and clinical quality either remain stable or improve
  • Nurses are more reflective of own practice, keeps from developing bad habits
  • Budget neutral
  • Effectively uses existing resources
  • Used as a working interview for managers
  • Individualized instruction, mentoring, and realistic perspective of nursing to students
  • Education provided by clinical instructor who is current with medications, clinical procedures, regulations, and inner workings of the health care system
  • Allows students to network for potential future job opportunities
Ownership “We are a DEU"
  • Education influences practice
  • Nurses help to educate the next generation of nurses
  • DEU staff members welcome and integrate students into the unit’s workflow and culture
  • Practice informs education
  • Consistent and reliable clinical placement
  • Students feel comfortable approaching any unit staff with questions or requests for help