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Student Life

Welcome to the Student Life page! Here you will find stories written by our student ambassadors about what it is like to be a student here at UP.

Most Recent Student Life Posts

girl standing on a bridge over a canal

Meet the Student Ambassadors

Every year we select student nurses to be ambassadors. They are the ones who write the stories that are featured in the School of Nursing blog. Click the link and meet the people behind the pen (keyboard) and get to know the 2019-2020 student ambassadors for the school of nursing.


More on the ambassadors

downtown Portland

Our Favorite Portland Spots

We compiled a list of all the best restaurants and attractions in Portland. The list is a combination of well-known classics and under rated treasures. Find out where UP students love eating and spending their time off campus. Need recommendations for things to do in Portland or need a new restaurant to try? Check out our list of top Portland spots.


Best of Portland