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Nursing Stories

Welcome to the nursing stories page! Read stories from nursing students about all things nursing.


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Meet Kellie Wilcox '21, our DNP Student Ambassador!

I have aspired to become a nurse practitioner since my senior year in high school. My uncle is my inspiration for pursuing my FNP. He was homeless, mentally ill, and addicted to drugs. For these reasons, I was not allowed much contact with my uncle but when I was 13 everything turned around for him. 

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Student Experience Video

One of our nursing students shared his experience about being a nursing student at UP. Hear from Henry about why he chose nursing and how his time at UP has been. Check out the video here.
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Becoming a Community Health Nurse

Throughout my time at UP, I have spent a lot of time thinking--about who I want to be, what I want to do, and how I want to use nursing skills. Once I learned about community health nursing, I knew where I wanted to go...

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