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Blog - Nursing Journey at UP

Welcome to the School of Nursing blog! We are storytellers and want to share what the University of Portland School of Nursing is all about! Happy Reading!

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Faculty Spotlights

I realized that my passion within nursing is education! What I loved about nursing at the bedside was educating patients… please give me that really hard non-compliant diabetic to teach! I enjoyed seeing progress and success when patients made choices to benefit their health. 



Student Profiles

Check out some of the SON students' reasons for choosing UP, what they love most about our nursing school, and their post graduation plans! 

After graduating from nursing school and passing the NCLEX, I would like to stay in the Portland area and work on an Obstetric floor of a hospital or provide home health services to new and/or expecting mothers/families. I loved my OB rotation and am currently learning so much at my Labor & Delivery capstone.


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Why I want to become a community health nurse

Throughout my time at UP, I have spent a lot of time thinking--about who I want to be, what I want to do, and how I want to use nursing skills. Once I learned about community health nursing, I knew where I wanted to go. Community health nursing interests me because it provides the opportunity to work with a population and build long-term relationships instead of building rapport over a few days in the hospital. I am interested in providing health education and focusing on prevention instead of primarily symptom management. I hope to incite change and empower communities in their health journeys. Pursuing a career in community health nursing will allow me to advocate for, celebrate, and learn from people from all walks of life.


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Best Portland Spots!

Desire to explore the city? Our student ambassadors shared their top Portland spots! 


  • St. John's Coffee Roasters 
    • We are lucky to have many coffee options near campus, but my go-to favorite for lattes and studying is at St. John's! Nice studying areas, choices of espresso, and dog-friendly peeps make it an awesome Sunday stop!
  • Besaw's
    • Brunch is amazing! Ask for the huevos rancheros.