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Why I want to become a community health nurse

Cathryn Casey 


"Throughout my time at UP, I've spent a lot of time thinking--about who I want to be, what I want to do, and how I want to use nursing skills. Once I learned about community health nursing, I knew where I wanted to go. Community health nursing interests me because it provides the opportunity to work with a population and build long-term relationships instead of building rapport over a few days in the hospital. I am interested in providing health education and focusing on prevention instead of primarily symptom management. I hope to incite change and empower communities in their health journeys. Pursuing a career in community health nursing will allow me to advocate for, celebrate, and learn from people from all walks of life." - Cathryn 


Annie Voegele


What makes you eager to be a part of community health nursing?

“I am eager to be a part of community health nursing because I am passionate about serving where there is the greatest need and in an area where I can serve all, but especially those who are poor and vulnerable. I love health teaching, preventive care, and social justice aspects of community health which lead to advocacy for our patients. I hope to empower individuals with the knowledge and resources necessary to better manage their own health and that of their families.  Overall, I am excited to support a healthy environment in which the individual and community can flourish.”

What are your future plans as a nurse?

“Currently, I am looking into post-graduate service opportunities for next year which involve community health nursing. There is a massive amount of organizations across the United States and abroad which offer opportunities for people who have graduated to put their gifts and talents into action to better the world around them. I am excited to gain experience through one of these programs while learning more about myself and vulnerable populations within our community.  Beyond that, I don’t have a “dream job” or any concrete plans.  I’m pretty open to working wherever; maybe even abroad!”

Why did you decide to head on that route?

“I learned about this possibility through a post-graduate service dinner and panel held at UP.  I was able to meet with the coordinators of the programs (Peace Corps, Jesuit Volunteer Corps, etc) and ask more about program values and what the positions would entail.  I have also been able to connect with nurses who have done this after graduating.”

How has UP supported your interest and growth in community health?

“UP has supported my interest in community health especially through the immersion programs I went on through the Moreau Center. The Urban Immersion, centered on homelessness in Portland, and St. Andre Bessette soup kitchen specifically helped me grow. They both encouraged me to work alongside this population and to grow in relationship with them. I always seem to come back feeling fulfilled and excited after doing this work.”

Lauren Kondrat 


What kind of community health nursing are you interested in? 

"I am not sure exactly what kind of community health nursing I am interested in, but I am hoping that through my time at UP I will be able figure out what I want to do." 

What drew you to community health? 

"I was drawn to community health because I enjoy working with people and I think the best way to keep people healthy is education and preventive care. If we as nurses can intervene before someone has to go to the hospital, this would greatly impact their health outcome." 

What’s your favorite thing/idea about community health nursing? 

"My favorite idea about community health nursing is the idea of collaborating with others so that the community can be healthy and happy. I also like the idea of working with people in their everyday environment." 

What is your dream job post-graduation? 

"My dream job post-graduation would to be work for a tribal health clinic or some type of health program within a tribe. I am a member of the Cowlitz tribe, and I would love to work for other Native Americans."