Simulated Health Center

The University of Portland – School of Nursing is home to a state-of-the-art model hospital and acute care unit, used to prepare both graduate and undergraduate nursing students to enter practice. The newly remodeled and updated Simulated Health Center will continue to grow and develop in the coming years.


  • 17 acute care patient beds
  • Six simulation suites 
  • High-fidelity medical manikins



  • Expertly crafted patient scenarios, that ask students not only how to care for a complex patient, but to do so with competence, compassion and while navigating medical and ethical dilemmas and challenges.

  • Record simulation activity using the high-quality simulation capture system.

    • Recording reviewed by peers, faculty and the student themselves

  • Debriefing sessions following each simulated experience.

    • Reflective reviews delivers powerful learning benefits.

  • Students explore, in a safe learning environment, bedside actions and behaviors with their classmates and are guided by expert faculty.

  • Wearable technology that allows us to simulate complex medical findings on our actors; allowing students to experience and assess patient data, such as alarming heart and lung sounds.

  • On-campus clinical activities are tied to and driven directly by course and learning outcomes, meant to directly support our students in being successful, well rounded nurses ready to enter the workforce.


  • Learn, practice, and demonstrate an array of psychomotor nursing skills in teams and individually.
  • Practice skills on classmates, volunteers, and modern medium-fidelity patient simulators.
  • Have the opportunity to attend proctored open lab time and work directly with nursing faculty and skilled Teaching Assistants to practice and hone skills and techniques as needed to better support students in their on-campus and off-campus clinical endeavors.
  • Participate in scenarios featuring state of the art high-fidelity medical manikins, trained medical actors, known as Standardized Patients or SPs.


What sets our simulated health center apart from others schools of nursing is the realistic nature of a variety of health care settings. Providing this range of learning experiences and exposure to the continuum of health care allows our students to transfer their learning with increased skill and confidence from the academic lab settings to the multiple places where nurses practice in communities, schools, health departments, and hospitals.